1. Parents are expected to be co-operative with the school authorities by ensuring that the children observe punctuality and discipline, prepare their lessons and take an active part in the activities of the school.
  2. Parents should check the school calendar regularly and sign any reports recorded by the teachers.
  3. Parents / guardians are requested to be in constant touch with the school to have a clear knowledge of their ward's progress in studies.
  4. Parents are not allowed to interview the teachers in the class room or in the staff room without the permission of the Principal.
  5. Parents / guardians shall not go to the class rooms during the school hours. In the case of any necessity they shall contact at the office.
  6. When a student is likely to be absent owing to illness for a long period, the principal must be informed through an application for leave supported by Medical certificate within a week.
  7. The Principal or teacher may punish a pupil for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct, indiscipline, not preparing the lessons etc.
  8. Criticism of a teacher is not permitted. In case of legitimate complaint, the principal may be contacted.
  9. Children must be trained in self-help by encouraging them to work and study. They should be taught to keep their room clean and tidy, make their own beds, polish their own shoes, carry their own bags etc. The formation of such habits in early life will inculcate in them the dignity of work, a fundamental necessity for a successful career.
  10. The school authorities are not responsible for the safety of a student after the School hours. Necessary arrangements must be made to take the child home immediately after the class.
  11. No school business will be transacted during the holidays or out of the school hours.
  12. The head of the institution may be interviewed on working days between 8.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m. or by special appointment.
  13. Parents should leave the school campus during the school assembly.
  14. Parents / guardians will leave their children at the gate and will also collect them at the gate after the class.
  15. After each examination parents will be invited to meet the class teacher and the head of the institution. Notice will be given intimating the date and time. All parents are urged to make good use of the opportunity, to come and discuss the child's progress in the school and other related matters.
  16. After each exam a progress report is issued. After going through the report the parent(s) is required to sign it. The same should be returned to the class teacher within 5 days in good condition. After the final examination it may be retained.
  17. Answer sheets of the Annual Examination will not be shown to the parents or students.
  18. It is the fact that without the co-operation of the parents in the work of educating a child is impossible. The child in the last analysis is the product of both Home and School. Thus parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities.

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