1. Application seeking admisson must be accompained by the parent or guardian, who will fill in correct details as to the NAME, AGE, ADDRESS and other information needed by the School authorities and who will sign the application form.
  2. A xerox copy of the Birth Certificate and a passport size photo should be attached with the Application form. THE DATE OF BIRTH once recorded at the admission may not be changed.
  3. Parents should be present during the time of admission.
  4. If the candidate has previously attended any school the transfer and Conduct Certificate from that school must be produced at the time of admission.
  5. The intended withdrawal of the student should be intimated to the Principal in writing one month in advance. Half of the monthly fee will be charged for the issue of a Transfer Certificate. Application for T.C. should be submitted at least one week before the date on which the T.C. is required.
  6. At the time of taking a Transfer Certificate all dues to the school must be paid in full for the period during which the pupil's name was on the school register.
  7. T.C. will be given only to the father of the child after getting the signature from him.
  8. Any class days missed will be made up on Saturdays.

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